Tuesday 17/4, 10 hours | Presentation of Human Development Notebook 10


Paid by the team of authors of the publication.


Marisa Bucheli, professor and researcher at the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences University of the Republic (UdelaR).

Fernando Isabella, director of the Planning Department of the Office of Planning and Budget.

Hugo Bai economist Cuesta Duarte Institute, PIT-CNT.


Mireia Villar Forner, UNDP resident agent.

Gustavo Viñales, executive secretary of the CEF.

* The team of authors consisted of Mauricio De Rosa, Sabrina Siniscalchi, Andrea Vigorito, Joan Vilá and Henry Willebald the Institute of Economics (IECON) of the Faculty of Economics and Administration (FCEA) UdelaR.

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