Objectives of training


Training tax officials areas has had multiple efforts of the agencies involved, without those factors have resulted in a systematic and regular training.

There are good conditions for training at administrative and technical level, with adequate numbers of experienced teachers.

Top-level training is included in the curriculum of traditional university careers of administration, law and economics, of which there are ample supply, public and private grade level.

52 days ago


Notwithstanding this, in Uruguay there is no higher education on issues of tax administration and economy of the highly specialized nature required by the Tax Administration. The reason is the lack of sufficient demand to generate regular curriculum areas in the matter, given the size of the public sector in Uruguay. This suggests that major efforts should be:

a) in identifying specific training needs in the specialized agencies and meeting requests on demand.

b) to encourage horizontal cooperation for the exchange of experiences and best practices through workshops for specialists and technicians in fiscal and tax matters.

Carried out trainings

  • DGI 2012
  • Techniques of monitoring the activity of the Public Sector
  • Economic evaluation of reform on personal income tax
  • Redistributive analysis and measurement of the Personal Income Tax Evasion